Poolside Bar & Grill Located in Ocean Grove RV Resort

Pool Rules

No Lifeguard on Duty, Swim at your own risk. Pool attendants are strictly to enforce pool rules.

  • No outside food or beverages are allowed (including coolers)
  • No food or beverage in pool or within 4 ft of wet deck
  • For your safety, diaper age children MUST wear swim diapers.
  • No glass of any type is allowed
  • No smoking (use designed smoking area)
  • NO rough housing, running, diving, or jumping off water fall
  • No pets permitted on pool deck (only on the pet patio)
  • All children under 13 must have adult supervision
  • Do not swallow pool water
  • Please shower before entering the pool
  • Change diapers in restrooms only, Not on pool deck/tables
  • During severe weather pools will close.
  • Pool Max Load: 40
  • Wading Pool Max Load: 10


  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the spa.
  • Max usage is 15 minutes
  • Max water temperature is 104 degrees
  • Must shower before entering
  • No food, drink, glass or animals are permitted in the spa or deck area.
  • No diving
  • Pregnant women, people with health problems and people consuming alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use the spa without consulting a doctor first.
  • Spa max load: 6 people